Company profile

Medestime SA is a belgian medical equipment manufacturer of directional and adjustable phototherapy Bilicrystal® Systems.

The intensive phototherapy equipment Bilicrystal® Systems  designed to treat physiologic or acute jaundice in the newborn, whether born at term or prematurely.

Bilicrystal® Bulle.3 is the only device that permits an intensive phototherapy treatment in closed or open incubator.

Medestime is proud to present its brand new range of Bilicrystal® System.3 : Non-invasive treatment of jaundice based on intensive phototherapy technology, according to EU norms

BiliCrystal® IV.3

BiliCrystal® Trans.3

BiliCrystal® Bulle.3

BiliCrystal® Duo.3

BiliCrystal® Mono.3

Medestime's story & Development of BiliCrystal® System

The aim consisted in developping a new technology for the treatment of newborn babies suffering from jaundice, yellowing of the skin caused by an excess of bilirubin, biliary pigment, resulting from the degradation of haemoglobin.

Statistics demonstrated that 50% of the full term newborn and 90% of the premature babies are liable to suffer from jaundice (due to an excess of red cell's destruction) and need a phototherapy treatment.