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01-03-2010Bulle.3: Bulle is equipped with  control box and connection box on an independent and stable support for easy handling.
01-03-2010Delivery of equipment BiliCrystal ® .3: in order to improve our services and to conduct a complete safety tests before delivery, BiliCrystal ® .3 Systems will be delivered fully assembled.
01-03-2010Lifting transport trolleys BiliCrystal ® .3:
IV.3: a cart with a shelf intermediate, optimization support Coupole and sliding.

Duo.3 and Mono.3: Complete lifting of the trolley; optimized support the Coupole (s) and sliding

Trans.3: a folding trolley with box integration with connection and support mobile control box
01-03-2010Gel mattress improved: a transparent gel mattress "Crystal" for improved light permeability and the possibility of using a cradle type transparent "Crystal" instead of the cradle BC163 smoked.
01-03-2010Increased security

No possibility of function without baby’s temperature monitoring (display instruction on LCD screen). Each of the 5 BiliCrystal® Systems will be supplied with control box and mobile sensor skin temperature.

Temperature monitoring of baby optimized and setting off automatic (with or without audible alarm) if temperature out of tolerated range.
01-03-2010• LCD screen displaying:

Baby’s temperature (+visual and audible alarm)
Bulle’s temperature
Time remaining on treatment
Control of the operating time of the lamps (dissociation upper and / or low parts) with a description of the need for replacement after 2000 operating
Data’s accessibility in different languages and possibility to insert your own language in BiliCrystal® software
Can pause at any given time and restart with the same elapsed time
Easy acess to menu (lamps, user language, system settings ...)